Motorbike support

It was thanks to an anonymous donation in 2009 and the unexpected arrival of a 1994 BMW R1100RS motorcycle, which at further aided the charities work, support and coverage not just across the UK but as far afield as Eastern Europe.

Providing access to Schools, Orphanages, Charities and much more. With over 100,000 miles covered

  • Since 2009 the bike called Brian has travelled the length and breadth of the UK and into Europe. Including Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and more.......
  • Some days covering distances up to 1000 miles and without backup, represents raw travel and generally requires sympathetic garages for support at some point in the journey.
  • Varying support from Motorrad UK & Chandlers BMW Brighton has been a great help.
  • Catastrophe strikes.... Thursday 15th November remains a memorable day... With that once in a lifetime experience, the unthinkable an accident and one crumpled bike.. Nothing exotic, just Brighton. Help is needed to either replace or raise funds to repair and get back on the road and out to areas of need and support.....

Call: T 01323 848588 or use the link to Email Simon