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"African Schools on Line" a proven comprehensive ICT program for overseas Primary & Secondary schools. Born in Africa and applicable for worldwide usage

ASOL is the complete ICT package, enabling overseas schools not just with computer access to the millions of children lacking access to the most basic of resources, but offering a comprehensive package including teacher training, curriculum development and business planning to ensure development and sustainability.

West versus the developing World!

A global disparity exists between Western and Developing World. The West representing 20% World population have access to health care, education, drinking water, electricity, etc . The 80% cannot say the same ... Some divide!

  • Surely children eager to learn and teachers dedicated to providing the best for their students deserve more, including encouragement and support. Hence the development of "African Schools on Line" in 1995 and "Streamline" in 2013 and more recently Vocational curriculum courses developed by CfC for use in UK & Overseas secondary Schools or Colleges ( Click these links for "Worldwide Advice & Support" & "Courses")

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European & Worldwide Advice, Support & Educational resources

European & Overseas Support

Overseas countries

Computers for Charities provides wide ranging advice and assistance to Charities, NGO's, Government bodies, Church & Faith groups across the UK, EU and Overseas since 1994

  • We operate totally by invitation to provide initial advice and direction for established NGO's, Government departments and Church / Faith groups
  • Offering impartial advice to projects and organisations across the World. i.e developing village tele health care in India, Prison education in Eastern Europe, Educational access for Child prostitutes and more...
  • Funding limitations are a fact of life, however our ethos has been to respond to need, and assist wherever practicable.
  1. Streamline ICT support available to Education Ministries worldwide - Developed 2013
  • Streamline is a resource freely available to Overseas Education Authorities supporting Primary & Secondary level.
  • For many countries the legacy exists of years of uncoordinated donor support, particularly too overseas schools and manifested by a disparity of resources & curriculum. It's an all too familiar story of how can we balance and standardise ICT, curriculum and teacher training.
  • Streamline is here to help identify, correlate and coordinate your schools ICT development at local, regional or national level.
  • Streamline provides access to a dedicated volunteer team possessing the skills to aid the process of local. regional or national ICT standardisation.
  • For more information or advice to how we can help you. Please Email Simon or call: +(44) 1323 848588

2. Accredited Computer Hardware Refurbishment course - Accredited QCF Level 2 Diploma WAMITAB or NPA Level 4 award SQA & Level 1 Waste & Recycling WAMITAB. More information (Click this Link)

These established courses suitable from Secondary level include full materials are now available to Overseas Ministries of Education & Independent Schools seeking new syllabus tools

  • Strong interest is being received, with meetings underway with a number of Educational Attaches in London based High Commissions. Keen to hear how this resource can provide wider educational benefits and skills for children in secondary or college education worldwide. Fully suitable also for adult education
  • This innovative diploma Level 1 Computer Hardware course providing practical and theoretical key skills in Computer repairs, Recycling, Health & Safety and more. Suitable as a Science or vocational subject for 14 - 95 year olds, providing a stepping stone to higher education or employment
  • More information. Click the Link or Call: Telephone +(44) 01323 848588 or email Simon

3. " African Schools on Line" a schools and community ICT program not just for Africa but operating Worldwide. Read the story Link

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People Stories

Hailsham, Albania, Uganda

People we assist

Whilst Computers remain a key part of the charities activities. Our core activity is working with people either directly through the organisations and projects we support or within the charity itself.

From workers in Romania, School children in Zimbabwe, Migrants in Calais, Offenders in Prison or the caller today making a general enquiry. Our slogan aptly describes the organisations ethos " Passionate about People" with our endeavours to offer security, acceptance and dignity to those we encounter.

Sadly capacity limits what can ideally be offered, however whatever the circumstances we try to give every one a chance.

  • Some successes and some failures

Bob is one such fellow. He was referred to us by one of the agencies and now attends of his own accord for around 12 months... His schooling was undertaken at a school for children with special needs, there he was bullied to the extent of having bricks thrown at him. As with all new volunteers, we ask that they write a short life history to help us get to know them better.

Bob has mental health issues, which have not made it easy to get a job. Still living at home, but then so is his older brother with parents now well into their 70's.

Bob writes about his volunteering at CfC. Saying " I like the fact I can get up in the morning and go to work like everyone else in this world. I am allowed to function as an individual and have found a new confidence and the ability to work with others. I used to be shy and was bullied, I wouldn't say boo to anyone" Nowdays its the opposite and a real job to stop him jabbering. Sadly for people like Bob, the outside world is not so caring and a lot more demanding.

  • Limited funding precludes us from providing paid employment. In addtion Mentors are needed to enable support and coaching opportunities to help these deserving folk reach potential.

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EU Students & Erasmus

Work Experience Opportunities Young and Older

Erasmus, Work Experience, Internships

Computers for Charities has ongoing experience of providing work experience opportunities for all ages 16+.

European Students are a regular feature at the Charities workshop, given our links with Colleges in Bavaria, Germany, Northern France and now Spain....

Julian and Jeremy featured in the photo are from Northern France undertaking 4 and 8 week experiences through the EU Erasmus program.

The Erasmus program seeks to provide work experience opportunities for students in other EU countries, improve language and cultural skills. More Information for students presented by former Erasmus students Stefan and Julien can be found on Youtube click this LINK

Other opportunities are available year round. For more information please get in touch or click this LINK

  • Contact: Telephone:+(44) 01323 848588 or email Simon

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