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Transportation to get resources and volunteers to places of need

Mobile Phones - An appeal with a difference: Our continued support remains dependent on donations of Computers, Volunteers and Vehicles to collect and distribute the equipment and Volunteers not just across the UK but often as far as Eastern Europe by road. Computers for Charities does not recieve funding or grants. But operates through hope with limited funds. One way to help is the donation of mobile phones... As Pioneers of mobile phone...

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Supporting Charities & the Community 1994 - 2019 Corporate information Corporate Support whether through the donation of Computer equipment, Secondment of staff as with a recent team building day for IT Staff at Gatwick airport or sponsorship as with British Airways and other companies aiding access and movement of equipment to places of need is invaluable and for Companies remains tax deductable. On average CfC recieves around 400...

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Knitting, Tools and more

Responding to need

Whilst computer donations remain our primary activity, we respond to varying need and relocate a wide range of materials to areas of need. Including Working Tractors, Power tools, Chainsaws, Outboard motors, Generators, hand tools, sound systems, medical supplies & equipment, used candles, indate food stuffs and much more...... But not furniture! Please get in touch.......

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Supporting Charities & the Community 1994 - 2019 National Volunter Week - 1st - 12th June 2016.. Raises awareness of Volunteering opportunities and also provides a reminder of the amazing work and support provide by countless folk at all levels assisting charities, schools, hospitals and more across the UK & Worldwide... CfC has open days at its Hailsham workshop Tuesday 14th June & 16th June - 10 - 3pm. Workshop address is: Unit...

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