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Computers for Charities is "Passionate about People" Donate Your Old SmartPhone - An Appeal with a difference The continuence of CfC remains dependent on donations of Computers, support from Volunteers and roadworthy Vehicles collecting and distributing equipment across the UK and Europe to places of Need. Vehicles need to be maintained and currently require updating / replacing. In addition increasing repair and fuel costs, required 2...

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Computers for Charities is "Passionate about People" Motorbike Support / Blog - Photo (BMW Chandlers Portslade - Back on the road) An anonymous donation in 2009 provided the unexpected arrival of a 1994 BMW R1100RS motorcycle. This donation added a new chapter to CfC's work & support. Providing wider access to Organisations across the UK and as far as Eastern Europe. Facilitating initial contact with Charities, Schools, Orphanages, etc....

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Computers for Charities is "Passionate about People" "Computers for Charities" operating since 1994. Setup specifically to offer impartial, Free I.T Advice & Support to Charities & Voluntary organisations. Whether you are starting from scratch or experiencing issues with your computers, systems. Just ask away? Whether Setting up a project or whatever! As you can see from our website CfC has gained much experience over the years and...

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Computers for Charities / Recycling for Charities Trading Ltd Donations & Collections Collecting Donated Equipment: Domestic Collection services are NOT available to Households or from household addresses at this time. Corporate Collection services where Viable* are provided free of charge within UK Mainland (* Viable represents: Operational Desktop / Server/ Laptop / Tower units, Minimum i3 4th Gen specification, quantities 25+) Data...

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Computers for Charities is "Passionate about People" Supporting Charities & Community. Locally, Nationally, Worldwide Since 1994 Interested in Volunteering and not sure how to go about it?, or where you can support? Easy drop in and have a chat and we can advise. Call Tel: 01323 848588 or email Karen Press Release: Wealden Community Volunteer Hero 2014 Brian pictured left has been volunteering with Computers for Charities for over a...

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