Knowing what's what!

You can see from our various Low Cost Refurbished equipment, choices and options are available, including...

Desktop / Towers: Generally the preferred option for most Offices / Admin. More durable than laptops, Tablets or iPads. Though built in WiFi is not standard to most.

Preference depends on available office space. Towers normally go under desks. Desktops vary in sizes from Standard to Micro, generally located on or under desk space. More upgradeable than laptops.

Workstations: The in-between for a PC and server. Say you have 2 to 6 computers running in an office, a workstation can operate as a mini server. Providing low cost options for shared printing, files and backing up.

Servers: Bigger and complex, providing options but primarily sharing files and printing, at the higher end can include emails and so forth.

Laptops: Convenient and portable. Generally not so robust, easily damaged, repair costs higher. Battery lifespan a common issue with users, mainly from continued mains usage. Cheap is not always best, differences exist in quality, construction and capability.

All in One's: Windows operated computers offer a compact solution for tight office space. Computer & Screen are combined. Space saving, fewer cables.

Apple Mac or PC:. Apple systems and Windows computer systems use totally different ways of working. Both are good, Apple products and software pricey, less versatile and cannot run Windows programmes and vice versa.

Commercially Apple Macs are recommended for Design, Audio / Video and high output work.

Computer specifications can be confusing, hence be sure of what you require of your computer. If just basic office work and emails... Keep it simple

  • Hard drive - Device for storing your data. If storing pictures, video or music. External hard drives are recommended
  • Memory / Ram - Device handling all the processing when your computer is running. Its Crucial and can be upgraded
  • Processor - Device for managing all the different information running through your computer. If you work with lots of different programmes running, downloading, etc.
  • Backing up - We all mean to do this, but rarely happens. Various options are available from backup drives to memory sticks.
  • Operating system - Is what enables the computer to run. Windows, Mac OS Systems X, Ubuntu, Linux are different operating systems
  • Antivirus - A must with Windows & Mac run computers, make sure it's updated and you scan your computer at least once a month. Internet, emails and people bringing in their own memory sticks are common Virus causes

Potential Problems or When things go wrong:

There is a lot more to take into account with Office & IT setups; Printers, Broadband Routers, Cabling, Wireless and so forth. All need to be compatible, and up to date. Otherwise problems can occur.

Laptops standardly are supplied with Wireless (WiFi) connectivity including Apple products. However historically PC Desktops / Towers, Servers do not! But WiFi adapters can be added.

Blue screening, slow running equipment and other issues are symptoms of things going wrong. But can often be restored and we are happy to advise at such times. Please call.

Basic Maintenance, essential for smooth Windows 10 operation

  • Diskclean - Monthly
  • Defrag - Monthly
  • Check for Microsoft Updates
  • Installed Advanced System Care - Run monthly
  • Manufacturers driver updates - Periodically

Additional Support / Information:

Computer technical Support / Help Desk Packages: CfC provides Low Cost Support packages for Organisations to enable smooth running of your computer equipment.

Repairs: Failing equipment can be dropped off or sent to our workshop, which our volunteers will happily check & advise for free...

Enquires & ordering: Contact Vanessa at Sales via this email LINK or call T: 01323 848588 (Discounts available for 10+ systems)

Delivery & Shipment: Our prices exclude delivery. Delivery can be provided across the UK and also Overseas shipments (information available on request as above)

Thank you

Simon Rooksby

Chairman - Computers for Charities / Recycling for Charities

(We would love to do it all for free; sadly this is just not possible. Our work is unfunded, Wages are not paid, and all proceeds raised, aid support to other organisations locally and worldwide)

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