CfC Rescue Backpacks / Boxes - "Share a thought for the Homeless living on our streets"

  • Shelter estimates 274,000 people in the UK are homeless. 126,000 are Children!

  • CfC collects & distributes Rescue Boxes. Providing basics items to offer encouragment throughout the Year...

Suggested items for boxes to provide warmth & comfort…

i.e. Warm socks.. One size fits all, Warm headwear, Warm Gloves, Chocolate, Tissues, Hand / body wipes. Pen, Paper, Biscuits, Envelope or card with a second class stamp.. maybe to write home or to a friend, Tooth Brush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Comb, Disposable Razors, Tampons, etc... For more information please get in touch

  • Big thanks to London based with the donation of 150 boxes... Simply Amazing. Well done!

Christmas Shoeboxes / Rescue Boxes. Can You Help?

Help with Information Spreading and get more supporters on board. Updates available on request, Please use this Link to email or call T: 01323 848588

  • Collecting Points Needed. Schools, Offices, Clubs, Church groups, etc.
  • Fund raising i.e. Host a coffee morning or any other creative happening
  1. Knitting - We need Hats, Scarves, Blankets and jumpers for children and adults

Needed: In date Medicines, medical dressings, Children's Nappies, Adult incontinence pads, Food stuffs, Sweets, Chocolate, Children & Babies, Knitting Wool Please pack separately and label clearly

Deadline for receipt of Christmas boxes: Friday 22nd November 2024

Rescue Boxes accepted throughout the year

Please Note: We are not able to accept Soft Toys, Clothing this year. Thank you

CfC clocks up thousands of miles during this appeal. Collecting & distributing boxes and other items. Locally and as far as Eastern Europe with climates in winter often extreme -20C and Summer 40+C. .

But It is People and Organisations who make all this possible. From the Knitters as Knit & Natter Hailsham, Shoeboxes across the UK: i.e. Staff & customers - Reed Business Information Ltd, The Good Shepherd Church Lowhill, St Charles Church Brayford, Carers agencies Right at Home, Primary Schools, Green Street Green Baptist Church, and many more...Thank you for making it possible.

Preparations are underway for collecting and distributing 2022. With the hope of aiding the ever increasing numbers of disadvantaged children & adults.

This years beneficiaries include UK Food Bank, Homeless and ongoing support for projects in Eastern Europe & Ukraine and further afield.

CfC maintains its commitment to aid the disadvantaged and Vulnerable within our communities. Thank you


Simon Rooksby

Chairman - Computers for Charities


Please Note: CfC is not affiliated to any other organisation operating or using the name Computers for Charities or similar