"Computer Refurbishment Training"

Hands on Theory and Practical introduction to Computer Repair & Refurbishment Course. Suitable entry point for IT industry and higher level IT studies

(Teaching materials available from CfC, Suitable for Schools, Colleges, Training Centre use. UK & Overseas)

Contents include;

  • Refurbishment and Reuse, Health & Safety, Principles of Sustainability, Software usage & Legality, Hardware Principles, Computer Disassembly, Data Removal & Protection, Software Troubleshooting, Hardware Troubleshooting, PAT Testing & Compliance

General Information

Providing a curriculum level study or retraining / upskilling aid with Computer Refurbishment / Repairs. This course for unskilled in Theoretical / Practical IT hardware is an essential starting place, whilst complimentary to higher level training as with Cisco / Microsoft applications

If for accreditation suggested - Guided Learning Hours: 100* (*this is the amount of time the average learner is expected to spend in supervised learning and practice, but may vary by learner)

Alternatively NPA award "Computer Hardware" at SCQCF level 4 SQA provides an accredited format providing practical and theoretical key skills in Computer repairs, Recycling, Health & Safety and more.

CfC & SQA courses are suited as curriculum or Vocational studies for 14 - 95 year olds. Provides a stepping stone to higher education or employment.

If you are not licenced as a training centre or with SQA. We can advise.

Full teaching materials are available at cost to Schools, Colleges, Adult Learning, Training establishments including Prison education services. Further information available from "Computers for Charities"

For more information please call: Tel: (+44) 01323 848588 or use the link to Email​

CfC Educational & Training projects include:

  1. "Three steps" a mentoring program provides training and basic skills models to steer disadvantaged and vulnerable persons into potential employment
  2. "African schools on Line" provides a full educational program for overseas schools seeking to introduce ICT into schools and curriculum.
  3. "Streamline" a consultancy service to benefit overseas education authorities standardise ICT, Curriculum and teacher training from regional to national levels
  4. Erasmus provides work experience opportunities too EU students within CfC. Current college links include France, Martinique, German & Spain
  5. Unemployed and other agencies: CfC works with various agencies, including Job Centres offering work experience and volunteer opportunities

Computers for Charities provides consultancy services to UK and Overseas Organisations / Authorities seeking to enter or develop ICT, Educational & I.T Recycling initiatives