Projects Require a plan:

Sadly not all schools and projects are able to grasp the vision or potential of this program. In such cases support is suspended until required changes are achieved...

Success and Failures:

However, for the majority displaying and achieving the required developments, ongoing support including access to vocational initiatives developed by CfC are made available.

Results speak for themselves;

  • Our Zimbabwe schools program alone yielded 100% GCSE level exam results in computer studies within 2 years of starting the program.
  • "African schools on line" has benefited 100,000+ thousand children in Zimbabwe alone"

From this scenario CfC developed a grass roots model, which strangely has proven to be highly successful.

DFID (Department for International Development) Quote "We have witnessed many ICT schools projects in Africa, but "African Schools on Line" is one of the few projects we have seen that works"!!

Success has been achieved from assessing, identifying and addressing potential limitations of education provision. Then combining an assessment of teacher within school to enable development for wider working partnerships i.e. school resource-sharing, facilities for community benefit and improved outcomes. Plus fostering local ownership for state and independent education providers, whilst embracing the wider community to view the wider benefits. i.e. access to training, adult education, social enterprise, etc.

In tandem with ASOL are vocational courses developed by CfC, accredited in the UK with potential for curriculum subjects or training UK & Worldwide. i.e. Computer Hardware Refurbishment, etc.

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Funding / Sponsorship !

Since 1995 there has been no direct funding. for ASOL. Success in Zimbabwe being due to the shared Vision of a nation for its children and support provided by Air Zimbabwe, Harare Anglican Diocese, Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe Ministry of Education providing, freight, flights & access to develop100 rural secondary schools.

The Cost!

Pre-Recession providing further support from British Airways, Air Zimbabwe, Kenyan Airways & Data Developments, British Council, British High Commission

  1. £10000 1 X 20' shipping container & Shipping costs to enable resources for 20 projects / Schools
  2. £50 supplies one computer and backup for one year and more.
  3. £1500 provides a complete networked computer facility for one school including training input and more, quite remarkable.......

Fund raising is one of many ways to help; Including tax benefits of gift aiding or Corporate gift aid, which do make a difference.

Alternatively give your skills & time. i.e.: Vincent and Hilary from Southern Ireland were seconded by their employers for 6 months to instal equipment across 20 schools, plus provide training and audit in Western Kenya

For more information: Please call T:(+44) 01323 848588 or email Simon via this Link