Numerous enquiries and requests are received on a daily basis Worldwide. Ranging from Overseas Governments, NGO's, Churches and faith groups.

Since 1994, CfC has provided support within over 106 Countries !

Support ranging from: IT / ICT advice to developments benefitting Education, Environment, Health, Agricultural, Social action, Water, Prisons, General aid projects and more....

  • Computers for Charities, does not offer financial support

To contact or seeking advice. Please click on this Link to email simon


Please Note: CfC is not affiliated to any organisation operating as Computers for Charity, Computers4Charity or similar


CfC does not undertake third party shipping or supply computer equipment or other. To organisations outside of the United Kingdom apart from its recognised partnerships

Other Organisations Selling & shipping refurbished computer equipment include.(Note:Costs will be incurred)

Computer Aid International: sells computer equipment & shipping services from UK email: i[email protected]

Formerly Computers for Africa: - Digital Pipeline sells computer equipment to organisations for shipping overseas from UK email: [email protected]