Why did you do it?

It's a good question. In a world where often the thought is What's in it for me? Who does something for nothing? There has to be a catch!

As a full time working trustee, there is no pay or expense account on offer here.

I resigned from the NHS in September 1999. Letting go of a good job & pension to provide full time unpaid input as founder and Trustee of CfC and this situation is unchanged.

A change which requires life changes.

No. I am not rich or from the privileged classes. Have no assets, and Yes a price was paid in taking this decision, which leaves many dumbfounded


I have not led an unblemished life and today remain far from perfection. As a committed Christian since 1976, my life changed from probable premature death due to excess & lifestyle and altered my thinking, actions and life style.

Can you explain Faith? Believing in something you cannot see makes no sense. But that is what it is all about and certainly not easy. Even Christians foul up and get it wrong.

Personally I can say, if first off, you are willing and prepared to surrender all, a better future lies ahead. Secondly It's a personal decision not just an action, to become a Christian. Faith does & will take you on an unexpected life journey of finding acceptance of yourself, and peace, if you are prepared to give 100%. John3:16 For God so loved the world


In such I add, personally and as an organisation I /we do not discriminate or make judgements or criticism of others or any seeking advice or assistance.

What you see on this website represents only a sliver of a developing Vision that has thus far touched continents and lives. It comes from passion, belief, time, commitment, life changes and perseverance to stay the course.

It remains humbling and a privilege to have experienced the range of cultures and such diverse issues.

From developing Prison workshops in the UK to experiencing the poverty and hardship faced in the African bush or slum areas of Mumbai, and all achieved without mainstream funding.

The World

We live in a world containing 195 countries & growing population exceeding 7 Billion Men, Women & Children.

  • 45% of wealth is controlled by 1% of the population
  • The West world containing 24 countries and 20% of the world's population. Able to access clean drinking water, health care, full education, etc. The remaining 80% facing very different & uncertain prospects.
  • 50% UK wealth is controlled by 10% population.

"What Support, Advice do you provide?"

Why not find out!. Drop in, Call or email us your query or issue, and we will seek to advise or help. There is no charge for this.

Since day one. CfC has operated totally from amazing Volunteer support, whilst also unfunded. Our Volunteers possess wide ranging skills and expertise & keep the wheels turning.

You see from our website, since 1994 our role has diversified in response to received needs across the UK and wider afield. We Love a challenge!


CfC remains a pioneering organisation. One of the first to enter this field both environmentally & organisationally. Especially identifying the vulnerability of organisations within the I.T sphere

It is with thanks to the Late Rev Roger Porthouse our first trustee that this came into being.

1992 a basic computer cost £2000 (£3200 equivalent today). Today's mobile phones contain more computing power than early devices.

More importantly, then and now the limitation of accessible hardware skills& finances still make equipment & support inaccessible for many Charities and Organisations. CfC has helped change this trend.

"CfC" no longer operates the Loan Scheme, but continue to offer free I.T support, advice for organisations across the UK, Worldwide and much more.

  • Thousands of organisations & projects have benefited or started from CfC input. Support Including our Low Cost refurbished equipment.
  • Millions of pounds saved by the Voluntary sector and providing real green benefit for our environment & ecology..
  • Plus our educational programmes have provided new opportunities for many, Including African Schools on Line, providing ICT access to over 100,000 children worldwide.


Thanks are due to the committed and varied expertise afforded by our volunteers. Coming from all backgrounds and walks of life, it is they that have formed the backbone of CfC.

In tandem with our volunteers. The continued support of Individuals and Companies with donations of equipment, financial support, sponsorship have made all you see happen.

It is thanks to readers like you that major inroads have been achieved during our history. The frustration remains viewing global need on a daily basis, compounded by limited resources and so much to do.

If you have made it to the end, well done and thank you.

So please remember Life & time is short! Don't waste it.. Get on

Thank you


Simon Rooksby

Founder / Chairman - Trustee

For more information or needing help; please call T: 01323 848588 or drop me an email: Simon


Please Note: CfC is not affiliated to any other organisation operating or using the name Computers for Charity, Computers4Charity or similar