My Story

As the founder & Chairman of CfC, then working within the NHS as a Registered Nurse. I encountered a life altering experience in 1992, when assisting with humanitarian aid amidst savage conflict in the war torn country of Bosnia.

This experience proved a challenge in more ways than one, literally turning my life inside out. What a contrast between relative safety and humanity of Sussex, then madness of war and horror that abounds with all reason lost and provided a starting place.

Such exposure has continued as our support into numerous countries over these years has provides ongoing exposure to poverty, unrest, conflict & inhumane conditions.

However It was amidst the backdrop of Bosnia, artic conditions, human misery and upheaval the notion for CfC was hatched. A notion that would become life changing was born at precisely 3am December 1992.

"A process"

The notion was simple enough. Unlike some mind-sets in developing countries, in the UK and Western world we have adopted wasteful approaches to life, waste and property. We get bored, even if something works the attitude simply change it & Bin it.

Likewise back then Millions of computers were crushed & binned every year. The notion of computer reuse was simple. Then suggest companies donate, not crush and thanks to the NHS that is how it started and continued……

Things do not happen overnight, as with any seed it takes time to germinate and grow. But encouragement does help, as did my then six year old daughter Clare in 1992 giving her prized Tiny Tears doll to help some little girl in Bosnia. What an encouragement for her Dad to stick with it, and the concept of "CfC" crystallised.

Beginning in the loft of our bungalow and growing into sheds, garages, barns and now dedicated workshops.

2009 brought a key development for the charity, relocating to accessible and improved rented facilities in the market town of Hailsham, East Sussex and now Eastbourne since Sept 2017. .

CfC was not established to promote good works or profit balances. Our standpoint remains, responding to needs of all enquirers where possible. (And not just with Computers or I.T)

"Why did you do it"

It's a good question. In a world where the thought is often. What's in it for me? Who does something for nothing? There has to be a catch! But it's true, as a working trustee, there is no pay or expense account in the world I occupy.

I resigned from the NHS in September 1999. Let go of a good job & pension to provide full time input as founder and Trustee of CfC. Which has entailed various life changes.

No. I am not rich or from the privileged classes. Have no assets and Yes a price was paid in taking this decision, which leaves some dumbfounded

My life has not been without spot or blemish and today I remain far from perfection. However as a committed Christian since 1976, which certainly saved me from probable premature death, much has altered. Including thinking, actions and life styles.

How do you explain Faith? Believing in something you cannot see! But that is what it is all about, and believe me the real deal. Christians foul up and get it wrong.

I can say, if you are willing and prepared to surrender all, and it's a personal choice here to become a Christian. It will take you on an unexpected life journey of finding acceptance of yourself, and peace.

As such I add, personally and as an organisation I /we do not discriminate or make judgements or criticism of others or any seeking advice or assistance.

What you see on this website represents only a sliver of a developing Vision that has thus far touched continents and lives. It comes from passion, belief, requires time, commitment, life changes and perseverance to stay the course.

It remains humbling and a privilege to have experienced the range of cultures and such diverse issues. From developing Prison workshops in the UK to experiencing the poverty and hardship faced in the African bush or slum areas of Mumbai, and all achieved without mainstream funding.

Thanks are due to the committed and varied expertise afforded by our volunteers from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Providing the backbone of CfC, in tandem with the continued support of Individuals and Companies through the provision of equipment, financial support and sponsorship make all you see happen.

It is thanks to readers like you that major inroads have been achieved during our history. The frustration remains of viewing global need on a daily occurrence compounded by limited resources and so much to do. If you have made it to the end, well done and thank you.

So remember Life & time is short! Don't waste it.. Get on

Thank you


Simon Rooksby

Founder / Chairman - Trustee

For more information or needing help; please call T: 01323 848588 or drop me an email: Simon