Its what we do!

Phones for Vans is ongoing, but could do so much more, if we had sufficient vehicles to undertake the daily needs let alone the logistics required to get people and resources to where they are most needed

For many It's hard to imagine what real poverty is. However think of a young child lacking shoes, clothing even access to basic sanitation. Then daily having to beg for food in places where life is an exercise in survival and enduring a climate in winter with temperatures of -20C still with no shoes or heating and Summer 40C suffering the heat, dust and smell.

Sadly it's a picture we see to frequently and urgently need your help to change these situations.

Countries aided include: UK, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, etc

Support enables;

Christmas Shoe box appeal for Older people & Children
Medical supplies for hospitals and clinics
Disability project support
Resources for schools
Humanitarian aid
Building and developmental support

Also Needed: Basic medical supplies, Children's football shirts, Audio recording and copying equipment, Braille items and equipment for the blind and Visually Impaired, plus financial support to get it there. (Thank you British Airways for your support in Albania)

What to do!

Did You Know? Estimates claim 90 Million unused mobile phones exist across the UK ??

In plain terms. Unloved smartphones are laying in cupboards and drawers in Homes and Offices across the UK gathering dust.

Such a waste when they CAN be put to good use !!!!

Our thanks include Sir Richard Branson, Kate Winslett, Joanna Hogg, Scottish Power, NHS Nurses Direct, NEC Computers Ltd, Dobcroft Junior School - Sheffield, Hailsham Community College, Sussex Police authority, Stafford and Lewes Prison's, Hampshire Ambulance Service, Westminster Chapel, Hastings Fire services for donating their mobile phones to this appeal.

Can you help? Extend the net and become a collecting point in your School, Office or Church. Posters and collecting boxes available. Give us a call !!!

Please don't just bin it. Drop them off or Send them in. "Dead or Alive"

email Simon through this LINK or call (+44) 01323 848588